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Dog Walking

A happy dog is a tired dog.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep a sound mind and stay healthy. PANT Dog Daycare provides love, structured play groups, and a walk for outside time! Dogs will build a sense of security with our dog handlers who are compassionate and confident. 


  • Convenient neighborhood location! We don't just work here, we live in the neighborhood! 

  • An afternoon walk for every dog is included for a full day of daycare! No additional charges for activities or feeding. Our experienced dog walkers are able to work with fearful and reactive dogs. 

  • Dogs are sectioned by size and playstyle! As a result, we have a low attendant-to-dog ratio! Your dog gets more attention and personalized care.  

  • Every dog must complete a meet & greet assessment and be approved for daycare!

  • Structured daycare: playtime, walk time, nap time!

  • Dog handlers are trained in steps and evaluated before they are given broader tasks and responsibilities. We have dog trainers on staff and working relationships with professional dog trainers. We properly address separation anxiety, and rambunctious behavior, and promote self-regulation.  

  • Report cards with contextual pictures about their day!

  Daycare Schedule       Monday thru Saturday

  7 AM - 9 AM       Arrival     8 AM - on Saturday

  9 AM - 11 AM     Open play and socialization 

 11 AM - 2 PM      Walks around the neighborhood! 

   3 PM - 4 PM      Naptime! 

   5 PM - 7 PM     Open play and pick-up time      

Need your dog walked from your home? We provide Dog Walking services. Meet our experienced dog handlers - we know the neighborhood! Get all your dog care needs from one place. We are fully insured. No additional credit card fees. Contact us for details and to schedule your walks.

Dog Walking Rates

       30 minutes            $20 each or 10 for $175
        1 hour                  $35.00


  *we never combine walks with other dogs 
  *includes report cards and photos 

  *limited service area - generally about a 1-mile radius from Pant Dog Center. 


New Clients

  • Start your registration and request a meet & greet appointment!



  • If you prefer to meet with us first, we are happy to answer any questions and get you registered in person.

  • Send us a message, we will contact you!​​

Full Day Daycare                $60.00

7 AM - 7 PM / 8 AM on Saturday

Includes a walk for outside time. 

See our Daycare Schedule for details. 


Half Day Daycare               $30.00

Need to run some errands? 

Dogs can play at PANT while you run errands.

5 hours of daycare between 7 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 7 PM.*

*Start your Registration today! 

* Prior to any daycare, all dogs must complete a meet & greet appointment and registration.


* Rabies Certificates and other general vaccinations are required. 


* All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.


* All full day daycare requires reservations 24-hours in advance. 


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Daily Report Cards emailed at the end of the day. 

PANT Dog Center
PANT Dog Center
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