About Us

  • Enjoy 800 sq ft of dog space!


  • Comfortable rubber flooring is easy on the paws and joints. Playing on hard surfaces can encourage injuries.


  • Full day Daycare includes a dog walk!  

PANT Dog Center is owned and operated by dog lovers and residents of South Philadelphia. Our daily walks to the Columbus Square Park and Dog Run inspired us to get involved with the community. We started by volunteering at Columbus Square Park and SPADO the South Philadelphia Association of Dog Owners. In 2015, we were key operators in the first Dog Day Afternoon. This event helped raise funds for the park renovation and brought out over 150 dogs and their humans in one day of play in the park! After that, we had pool parties and continue to attend dog park clean ups at Columbus Square. We saw that South Philly needed a community center of its own to serve the dogs in our community. 


PANT Dog Center is committed to providing a safe space for dogs and their owners for play, learning, and community engagement. This is why we are more than just a dog daycare. We offer after hours and weekend playdates. The Dog Center can be reserved for training, community events, and private parties. Not all dogs are ready for doggie daycare (most of our own dogs are not), but we want all dogs to be able to utilize PANT Dog Center. So come visit us and schedule time for your dog and their friends to play! 


PANT Dog Center aims to work alongside our fellow dog industry partners to bring South Philly residents a convenient space for our dog community. Visit our parties and events page to learn more!

Thank you for visiting us! 


PANT Dog Center 


“PANT Dog Center is a gem in the South Philly community! The staff is well trained in handling your dogs with the utmost care. Each dog is treated as an individual, and the facility employs policies to keep everyone safe and having a good time. Unlike other dog daycares, PANT pays close attention to specific behaviors and needs of each dog. Not only does PANT offer excellent service to keep your dog pal engaged during the day, they throw the best parties for dogs in the area! I can highly recommend PANT Dog Center for dogs who thrive in a social environment.”  11/21/2019


Dana Falsetta, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA; Philly Unleashed Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant; General Operations Manager