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I love the personalized care and knowing fritter is in such good hands!

Scout 9/8/2023

Pant is the best!! We love you.

Christine 7/16/2023

Whipple loves going to daycare and I trust the staff to take care of her and keep her safe and they do a great job. She also has improved her listening skills and patience with other dogs. 

Christine 2/4/2023

The staff meets Lupa where she is. She's a shy pup and needs some time before joining the pack. The staff help her accliamate and play on her own time. Also, I appreciate the photos posted mid-day. I hate having to leave her, but when I do, I love that I can see how she's doing! 

Tanza 1/23/2023

I felt very comfortable leaving Scarlet at Pant for the day, after our initial meeting greet! It's a great facility and they clearly give a lot of care and attention to the dogs. I really love the "report card" and all the photos, and it's very affordable for someone who needs occasional dog care! I will definitely be bringing her back next time I need a day out of the house :)

Lauren  1/22/2023

We really love the report card photos!! Thanks so much!

Heather 12/21/2022

We love Pant! Our pup hoagie is always so excited when we get there, he loves all of the staff, they always know his name and are just as excited to see him as he is to see them. The staff really goes above and beyond—and that Makes us feel good that he’s in such good hands and because he is so happy when we get there to see his human friends and his fur friends. He’s always exhausted at the end of the day which is just what we want. Can't recommend Pant enough!! 

Kayte 11/03/2022

We love Pant!!! Our pup is so happy and has the best time! She is well taken care of and so happy to go!! 

Alexis 11/02/2022

I love Pant (and so does Toby). I am so glad we found you and that you are in the neighborhood. 

Sarah 10/29/2022

We love Pant! The staff are wonderful and Shea always has a great time.

Jessica 10/12/2022

You’re so good to our pup!!

Lauren 10/12/2022

We love Pant and recommend it to anyone and everyone we know with a dog. The report cards warm my heart and seeing pictures from the day never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Thank you Pant!!

Johanna 10/9/2022

I am so pleased to be able to bring Bandit to PANT. I know he is a handful, but everyone treats him so well. Thank you for everything you do!

Lisa 9/27/2022

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Bandit. He really loves going to Pant.

Lisa 8/7/2022

You are all the best. You take care to know the dogs in your care.

Frank 7/26/2022

Our pup always has a great time at Pant. We love the detailed report cards. All the staff are so friendly.

Maria 7/7/2022

Everything about Pant is great - the staff, the attention, and the care that they give the dogs in their care. It is clear that our dog loves Pant, because he charges to the door whenever we are close by (so, we have to avoid the street if we aren't actually going to Pant, but that's a small price to pay.)

Frank 6/8/2022

 I appreciate all you do! Thanks for the pictures and little summary of Penny's day. Penny was a happy and tired pup when she came home so it was a successful day :) We will be back!

Rebecca 5/24/2022

Hoagie LOVES coming to Pant! He is always such a happy boy when we get there, and a tired pup at the end of the day. 

Kayte 4/21/2022

I took Toby to another daycare before trying Pant and it caused me such anxiety for a number of reasons. But that is all gone (well, mostly gone, I exist in a state of minor anxiety always) thanks to your daycare. Your staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and patient, and I get the feeling they love my dog almost as much as I do. I have already told everyone I know with a dog about your great daycare. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Sarah 4/20/2022

Our boy loves to go to puppy school!!

Sonia 2/24/2022

It’s such a comfort to see how much our little guy loves Pant. His excitement is palpable when he realizes we are going to Pant. And we love getting his report cards too.

Frank 2/10/2022

Chloe loves pant and so do we!

Danielle 1/31/2022

Great daycare for Reggie! Hope to be a customer for a long time. Love all the staff and the love Reggie gets. 

Peter 1/18/2022

We appreciate how open Pant employees are regarding Lola’s day - letting us know if she has any issues we can work through together, or if she just has fun and which dogs she played with most. 

Andrew 1/6/2022



It’s a great comfort to know Pant exists…

Frank 12/13/2021

Everyone is so friendly, and I appreciate knowing they’re keeping an eye to make sure Fritter is being polite and integrating smoothly! I could not be more grateful for the staff and the individual care they give each pup.

Scout 11/8/2021


We love Pant. They're always so excited to see Nell and she has a wonderful time. We love the pictures posted throughout the day and the report cards are appreciated. Thank you Pant!

Lauren 11/2/2021


Caesar and Napoleon love to come to PANT.  They are so excited when they approach PANT.  They nudge their noses and  scratch the door until the door is finally opened for them to come in.  I especially like that PANT takes the time after each visit, to make comments on how their day went.  Also, love seeing the photos videos of my dog.  Luv the videos and photos also on Instagram.  Staff Members at PANT treat my dogs like family.

Carol 10/30/2021


Bertie loves you guys! Thanks for being so flexible with us it’s so appreciated :)

Annie, 10/23/2021


You all are the best, thank you so much for making my pup happy and making my life easier!

Kelly 9/23/2021

Great first report card! Thanks for showing Reggie a good time!

Peter 8/18/2021



Thank you so much for taking care of Dolly today!  It looked like she had a blast! I am sure she will be looking forward to her Tuesdays at Pant. 

Nick 8/3/2021



We love Pant!  Our friends just moved to the neighborhood and I recommended they bring their dog to Pant! 

Molly 7/28/2021



We love pant and so does our pup!! 

Danielle 7/19/2021



Continue to be extremely happy with Pant Dog Center! They are so great with our dog and make sure she has a good experience every time she goes! Thank you Pant!!!!

Allison 7/7/2021



I’m constantly impressed with you guys. You take great care of my boy, are super flexible and accommodating when I forget to book or need to make a last minute change. Bean always comes home tired and happy, and the pictures and report cards give me a sense of how he’s doing socially. I love that I can see he’s put in the crate occasionally, since I know he needs to be forced to take a break from playing sometimes. I also love that you guys keep the number of pups reasonable; I see pictures from other daycare centers that seem super crowded and stressful. Thanks for giving Bean such a nice chance to play with friends every week!

Sam 6/21/2021



Love the report cards and the friendliness of the staff! The Pant’ers have just the right, easy attitude for handling an old gal dog. She’s enjoyed her socializing and comes home ready to rest. Thanks for all the good cheer and patience!

Jean 6/18/2021



My puppy is so happy and tired.  She had a great time!  And the staff was so kind with it being her first time and new to Pant.

Carey 6/9/2021



I love Pant Dog Center, the staff and owner are always pleasant, friendly, and treat my pup Javier like a superstar. He always comes back happy (and reluctant to leave!) which I take as a great sign of his day with all his furry friends.

Mary 5/25/2021



Anytime we walk by Pant, my dog Bruce wants to go in the door, so I am certain he associates it with good times.  

Kara 5/24/2021



Thank you for taking such good care of our DeeDee 💕

Joyce 4/12/2021



We’ve seen a lot of positive things happening already with Oscar. His confidence is building and he comes home ready to drink a bowl of water and sleep for a day and a half!

Davina 3/29/2021



I appreciate everyone’s hard work in making all the fur babies happy! 

Alejandra 3/4/2021



Very friendly staff!

Jennifer 2/25/2021



We loved the report card and pics!! It was awesome to see Rigel so happy. He’s recently become afraid of... the moon. Yes, the moon. Bringing him in today really lifted his spirits!

Johanna 1/25/2021



Marla had a great day and didn’t want to leave! 

I love that we found Pant. The people really care about Marla and I know she’s safe and well taken care of. 

Jackie 1/12/2021



We love Pant! If we weren't working from home we'd like to bring him 2x a week.  Hopefully soon!! 

Molly 1/7/2021

Can't believe you were able to walk Ernie, he pulls so much lol. Thanks for taking such good care of him today, looks like he had the time of his life!

Meredith, 10/23/2020

"Pant and all the staff are great! I don’t worry about my pup when I leave him there for the day because I know he’ll have a great time! The staff are always willing to answer my crazy dog mom questions, and my dog even has his little dog friends we now see when walking in the neighborhood. I can’t recommend pant enough!"

Mary 10/15/2020

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